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When you try rescuing someone and discover they can’t be reached, why would you ever throw that back in their face?

Jay Asher, Thirteen Reasons Why (via quotes-shape-us)




i donate blood in the hopes that my blood will overpower theirs and take control of their body so i will gain another vessel to use as my own

why am I reblogging this?

it appears my blood has been successful


don’t buy colgate whitening toothpaste

it says guaranteed whiteness in 14 days

15 days have come and gone

and i am still asian

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do you ever just want to get a hair cut and your nails done and your teeth whitened and your eyebrows shaped and buy new clothes and makeup and get plastic surgery and transform into a dragon and fly away and live in a cave? because i do


A moment of silence for those who have to share their computer with the family.


Sunday nights are the worst you go to bed with that horrifying feeling of impending doom like “I’ve got a whole fucking week ahead


like if you love robots, reply if you love robots, reblog if you love robots, ignore if you are former president george w. bush


Some women want to be house wives and some women want to be Harvard professors and some women want to be porn stars and some women want to be nuns and some women want to be surgeons and there is nothing wrong with anyone’s profession I am sick of people being rude to women about their professions oh my god





if i ever start a band i’m going to name it “music” and then it will be literally impossible to find any of our songs on the internet

the first album : “Unknown album”

the hit single: “track 1”

album art


Some people wanna watch the world burn

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